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FtF Thousand Trails Rebate Program

Are you looking for a Thousand Trails camping membership?  Do you want to get a rebate for your purchase?

Fulltime Families is a camping club that can get you a rebate for a new Zone Pass purchase or for an upgrade to your new or existing membership!

To find out about the details of the rebate program, click here.

Secrets To Purchasing A Used Membership

People get overwhelmed thinking about buying a used Thousand Trails Membership.  There are tons of different memberships available and what membership will be the right one for you?  To answer this question, Fulltime Families has consulted with a Thousand Trails salesman who has been selling these memberships and upgrades for over 20 years nowHere are some keys to purchasing a successful pre-owned membership:

  1. Search Craigs List and ebay for memberships.
  2. Make sure that the membership is nation wide.  You don’t want to purchase a membership and be limited to only certain parts of the Country.
  3. Call Thousand Trails customer service and give them the membership number that you are considering purchasing.  Make sure all dues and fees are paid for in full, find out when the dues are going to need to be paid again, what those dues are, and most of all, that the membership can be upgraded.
  4. There is a $750.00 transfer fee that Thousand Trails collects.  Make sure you add this on to your total when considering a purchase.
To check the status of your membership and upgrade options, or to find out if a membership you are interested in purchasing can be upgraded, you can contact Fulltime Families sales representative partner by clicking here.


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  1. I have a TT system wide membership purchased in 1982 and have never upgraded. I know encore is wanting to get these lifetime transferable memberships out of the system as I have attended one of there meetings. I did have an interest of some type of change or upgrade at the meeting but was last in line to speak with someone and did not want to wait around. Had enough of the meetings but is there anything that can be sent to me showing my options without going somewhere for the dog and pony show?

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