Educational Gift Idea For The Kids & Grand Kids

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Once in a while, a toy comes along that is so simple and yet so captivating that you know the whole family will enjoy it for years to come.

This year, FtF Magazine embarked on a journey to find such a toy. But it had to be more than just a great toy.

Along with all the attributes of a wonderful toy (sparks creativity, open ended play, can be used by a variety of ages, etc) – it needed to fit in the “full time rving with kids” lifestyle.

It needed to be portable, packable, virtually indestructible and weatherproof – as most of our toys spend a great deal of time outside.

Then, because the majority of our families home/road school – we added the caveat that it provide educational value.

Quite a tall order (pardon the pun) for a toy – but after reviewing all our entries – there was one toy that met and exceeded all these expectations.

Blu Track Pro is a one piece flexible build it yourself racing system for hot wheels or Darda size and style cars. The 18 inch track can be laid out however you like it, and attached to walls and furniture with the included hangers.

The Blu Track Pro encourages a child’s imagination – as Blu Track says – “we make the track; you make the fun!”
The Blu Track Pro is highly portable – Get yours Today

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