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Thousand Trails Campground Reviews

TT MapThousand Trails is a membership campground that you can purchase and depending on your contract, you can camp for up to 3 weeks at a time with either 1 week out of the system or you can go to the next park immediately.  I myself am a Thousand Trails member and we really love our membership.  We live in the system full-time traveling from Thousand Trails to Thousand Trails campgrounds.  This gives us the opportunity to review the parks.

This website was given to me from a good friend who is also a Thousand Trails member.  This family decided to stop traveling for a year and would not be able to keep up with the website.  This is where I will continue reviewing the parks and give you the tools and knowledge you need to travel within the Thousand Trails network full-time, or just for vacationing and weekends.

We are excited about the launch of this newly designed website and are looking for feedback from the community.  Please feel free to play with the interactive map and enjoy the reviews that I have uploaded to this site.  We look forward to keeping you up to date with the latest news and information about Thousand Trails.

For more information about traveling full-time on the road, please visit Fulltime Families website as this is a great resource for discounts on camping products, memberships, and anything camping related that you will need as your traveling.  Fulltime Families also has a monthly camping magazine that I recommend to anyone who camps!

See you in the next TT,

Chris & Kim

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5 Responses to Thousand Trails Campground Reviews

  • robertkdobson says:

    fhis is not a comment although you have the best camground company in the business. i have been employed by both thousand trails , and n.a.c.o. in my career i have sold and marketed for tt n.a.c.o. and other resort companies i quit the resort business because of politics that restrained me from maximising my marketing efforts some in the industry don’t care for me as i have my own marketing methods. i had developed programs that were of no cost to the company, however it erased some marketing positions. i will probably have some opposition if you consider my proposal. my proposal is to market either pio pico or soledad canyon resort for $100.00 per tour received against thirty percent of the sale. i would consider hiring a sales staff and managing sales. if you still have the tour records for the year 2000 you will see that i had a close of 47%. i generated my own tours, and closed sales for other reps. this may be against your policy to hire an independent marketer, i hope that you consider my proposal. sincerely, robert dobson

  • zoran says:

    we singed up for Camping pass ans for 2 days i am trying to make reservation on line with no success. Their web site must be the one of the worst on whole www.
    You try to make reservations it ask you for “Preserve” and on drop down many there is only one option which you selected.
    You are log on but when you try to change profile or do something it get blank page with error message asking for account .
    Their pop up calendar with dates could not be smaller even for me with 20/20 eye sight.
    First I thought that is me or my computer but i did try from three different commuters with 2 different web browser and mu I-phone still same????
    Is anybody else experience this problems?
    From such a big company i would expect better web page especially with limited customer service hours.

  • Sharon Kleinpeter says:

    I was thinking of joining Thousand Trails Campgrounds, but after reading the blog of complaints, I am now having second thoughts. Has anything changed concerning ongoing charges after cancellation, customer service, etc.?

  • Lorri says:

    I like it when individuals get together and share thoughts.
    Great website, keep it up!

  • Gerald gitler says:

    Chris i believe you left out an important item in your review.
    No matter what level you have . You Are limited to 2 reservations
    With 2 weeks only in any high use preserve. They will change any
    Reservations you have made. And not notify you

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