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South Jetty Thousand Trails

05010 South Jetty Rd.
Florence, OR 97439

Ranger Station: (541) 997-8333
No Super Walmart’s, or other discount groceries within two hours’ drive

General delivery address General Delivery, Florence, OR 97439

Get mail at Florence Post Office, Florence, OR (3 Miles)

Mobile Voice and Data

Cell Phones and Cell cards work well here.

Oregon RV Laws

  • If not fueling with diesel, and it is the daytime hours, and you are in a large township you have to allow the service station attendant to fill your vehicle. Oregon used to do this for fire concerns, but as of the 2015 legislature it was decided that this is a make jobs action. You can always fill your own vehicle if using diesel, you can fill a gas vehicle in rural areas at night if the filling station has the right equipment to take payment after hours. Unless you are in Portland, Oregon where the current fuel tax is now 75 cents per gallon, you will find gas in Oregon to be the same as in other states. The down side is it take longer to get fuel because you have to wait on the attendant. Don’t get it yourself, the fines are scary.
  • Rv’s can be 14′ high, 8.6′ Wide, Trailers up to 45 feet long, Class “A” “C” ect… 45′, Only one trailer can be pulled at a time.
  • Nearest truck stop I-5 76 Food Mart in Albany (If you are in a diesel pusher watch you fuel, we found that we did not fit well under the canopies on the Oregon Coast. We buy fuel before entering Oregon, then drive down the coast to Florence, then divert back to I-5 to patronize larger fueling stations. We really do not travel highway 101 south of Florence for this reason.) Here is a list of Oregon truck stops.

Points of Interest

  • Siuslaw River – Turn north on 101 go a couple miles, you can fish or watch boats.
  • Oregon Dunes – Rent sand buggies and have lots of fun. Go south on 101 one mile.
  • Pacific Ocean beaches – Just turn left and drive to the end of the road.
  • Florence Old Town, 1 mile north lots of shops and stuff.
  • Mo’s chowder house – Our favorite one on the coast area, it is right on the water. Not many of these water born restaurants in Oregon any more.
  • Botanical Gardens – Native man eating plants; So cool! (actually they like bugs.) – (5 miles)
  • Sea Lion Caves – Very expensive $14pp for about half an hour. Limited parking and it stinks. Have not been back in over 30 years, can watch them from the docks in New Port. (12 miles)
  • Heceta Head Lighthouse, Used to give tours at certain times of the year for a buck or two. Five dollars parking. A stop well worth your time. –(12 miles)


Heavily treed campground just a short distance off Highway 101. The campground is dark, some roads are steep, muddy, with sharp turns. If you have a large RV, stay in the sites close to the adult center, and the sites on the south west end of the park. The “A” loop to the left of the ranger station, has sewer hookups in many of the sites, but during the rainy season, it is very muddy. The “A” loop, is also no place for RV’s over 30′, it is just too tight. They ask that those of us towing cars disconnect at the swimming pool area, or risk suspension of membership privileges Most of the sites here are water and electric only. Park has no mini golf, no store (Store not needed, it is only 2 miles to Safeway.). If you need mini golf and such, there is a fun center just outside the park. There are two dump stations one can use setting right on the exit of the park. Big rigs will have to leave the park area to get turned around for park re-entry.

 Park Pictures

“A” Loop

Family center

Very nice dog park.

Several personal sites, but all well-kept.

Family center, it’s huge.

They charge you to watch the movies on the TV in the activity center.

They let us play pool here. It is nice to play pool with the kids again. Some parks have forbid kids under 18.

Kid pool

Adult hot tub.


Rental trailers

View from the parking lot of the adult center

Adult center

Kitchen / dining room near the adult lodge. Don’t go in this building until later in the summer, the mold smell will knock you down.

Shuffle board – This is the nicest one we have ever seen and had great fun with it.

Don’t eat in here? Why a coffee pot, microwave, and kitchen? Are we being bated in a sting operation?

Cool theater room

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