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Bear Cave

4085 Bear Cave Rd, Buchanan, MI 49107

(269) 695-3050

General Delivery, Buchanan, MI 49107

Thousand Tails Literature for this park

Walmart Super Center South Bend Indiana (15 Miles)

Mobile Voice and Data

Not existent at this time.

Michigan RV Laws

Maximum RV width 102 in.; maximum motorhome length 45 ft.; maximum RV height 13.5 ft.; maximum combined length for two-vehicle combination 65 ft.; pickup with fifth-wheel trailer 65 ft. Riding in travel trailers, fifth-wheel trailers and truck campers allowed. Overnight parking in rest areas is not allowed. RV Safety Requirements: All trailers: two chains of sufficient strength are required when towing. Over 3,000 lbs.: trailer brakes. Driving Laws: Right turn on red allowed, unless otherwise posted. Mobile police scanners not allowed. More Information: Michigan State Police, Special Operations Division, Traffic Services Section, 714 Harrison Rd., East Lansing MI 48823; (517) 336-6660

Stop at weigh station. We can’t find any information one way or the other which usually indicates no requirement.

See the truck stop guide, which has a list of stops, and some state maps.

Points of Interest

Fernwood Botanical Garden & Nature Preserve, $9pp – The website is not informative to make me spend the money. Banning weapons? Who do they think they are anyway? A bunch of hippies? – (6 miles)

Lake Michigan, Never been, they are a different class of losers than those of us who went to state colleges. (20 miles)

Notre Dame University, (19 miles)

RV Hall of fame – $10pp If you like RV’s You will love this place. (36 Miles)

Go to Hell – Who knew that Hell is a place in Michigan. Seems to explain a lot of things about Michigan (156 Miles North)


Bear Cave Thousand trails is a nice stop, the spaces by the river are pleasant, and there is a nice walk along a waterfall. The main area of the park is very tight, offers sewer, and TV reception.  This park was a good stop for us, as we wanted to tour Monaco manufacturing (Which refused to give tours, so we bought a different brand the next time.), the RV hall of fame, and Andrews University. The park did not offer much beyond that. All the facilities were closed for the winter and we could not see into them. The park did not have a pool, mini golf, or anything else for the kids. Very unusual for Thousand Trails. The city of Barium Springs has an incredible wooden play structure covering about 1/4 acre that we all loved. Best play structure I have seen.

Park Pictures

Water and electric only near the river. Also do not pull in forward facing the river, it bothers the park staff. The only park we have found in the nation that is worried about this kind behavior outside of the republic of California.

Views from our site

Hiking trail


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