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Lake Minden  Thousand Trails

1256 Marcum Road Nicoluas, California 95659

Ranger Station: (530) 656-2700

Verizon Internet card works well at times and other times not so well. Verizon voice has good cell coverage – Park Internet was not tested but is available in adult lodge.

Walmart is about an hour away in Marysville.

Points of Interest:

Old Sacramento State Historic Park – Sacramento California (24 Miles)

California State Railroad Museum – (Our Favorite of all in USA) $10 pp – Sacramento California (24 Miles)

California Automobile Museum – $9 pp  – Sacramento California (24 Miles)

Jelly Belly Jelly bean Factory tour – One sweet tour and it’s free too! 1 Jelly Belly Lane, Fairfield, CA

 (63 miles)

Fisherman’s Warf San Francisco – The heart of San Francisco, this where to go. Tolls on the freeways are the least cost way to get here. (106 Miles)

Golden Gate Bridge – San Francisco, check bridge, and highway tolls they have gone electronic and are everywhere. We will not be back as a result of the tolls, California already robs us at the pump!  (115 Miles)

Charles schulz museum (Charlie Brown / Peanuts) – $12 pp Closed Tuesdays – Santa Rosa, Ca (145 Miles)

Legal Notes

Check legal RV limits for this highway –  Legal RV Map

RV Restrictions for all California – know your length limits before you tread in California. In California your RV weight limit is  20,500 pounds on any one axle. National weight code for Motorhomes on the Interstates: U.S. Code, Title 23, Section 127 allows buses and motorhomes a maximum single-axle weight of 24,000.

California Weigh Station or scales are for commercial vehicles and rental trucks, RV’s only have to stop if flagged down somehow.

California Rest areas allow parking for eight hours, some have dump stations.

Does California require I have a special license to drive an RV? Your state drivers license if it allows you to drive you RV is good in California for same type of RV use as permitted to you in your state. California drivers need an endorsement and meet medical requirements.

Winter time driving and chain requirement in California. – Please refer to this document in the section labled RV’s they say they may require both out and inner duals to be chained together under some circumstances. Use the document in the link above to get all the details. Too complicated for my brain, as my CPU is out of date, and I am shy on memory.

California Tolls suck but they are the law, and this is how you deal with them if you are wealthy enough to California. Gees with all these fees, it’s no wonder every one is said to be on government assistance.

Everyone needs fuel – List of California Truck Stops – Note: Sacramento and Stockton area has the closest known truck stops to this park.


This is a nice park, but on the lower end of parks. There is a lot of green grass, a lake that is more of a pond than a lake, but large enough for row boat rentals and is stocked with bass, catfish, blue gill, and carp for those who like to fish. The outer edges of the park are fields of hay, dirt, and nut trees.  The non member fee was $38 + $3.00 resort fee, and $10 more on weekends.

Park Pictures:

Coming in from Hwy 70 on Nicolaus Rd. there are no signs to the park, but you can see RV’s in the distance in the field on the left.

Nicolaus Road


Just as we entered Nicoluas, we found Marcum road, the sign saying “Marcum” was hard to see. We only knew it was there because a school bus turned left here at this tan house on the left.


Drive about a mile down Marcum Rd.

Narrow road


The resort appear on the left, you can’t see this sign until you are right on it. The sign is obscured by nut trees. We almost passed it. The ranger teased us for swinging so wide when we turned in to the park, but Athena and I did not see the park until it was too late.

Lake Minden Park Entrance


They are trying to bale hay just outside the park, but it is raining.

Tractor Lake Minden
I am not a ford guy! Only a John Deere for me!


Welcome Center
Welcome center- you pull in parallel to the building, then go in to register. The narrowness of the parking lot on a busy day yielded a bad experience for us on check out. Since they instituted the welcome center idea we have been staying at the casino’s in Redding, Ca instead.

Cafe, Store, and boat rental.


Enter the family lodge.


Rental Trailers
Trailer house to rent
RV Sites
Nice sites with sewer, but you can only use it at a schedule they supply. The sewer hose must be connected only when it is your turn. This is a feature we have not encountered in any other park, but worth it to get sewer.
Adult Lodge
Adult lodge. It is ok, and full of adults
Horse Shoe Pits
Horse shoes, they need to be played more often.
Mini Golf
Nice mini golf, the brick edges are attractive
Getaway Cabins
Getaway cabin, has everything but linens, and your worries.
Children's area
Play set for children
Tiny home makes up for its size in pure cute
Tiny home
Tiny home for short term rentals
Loop "A" RV Sites
Loop “A” camping area
Loop "B" dump station and bathrooms
Bathroom and dump station. One can dump two loads at once.
Tent Area
Tent area
Loop "D" dump station
Dump station in the middle of loop “D”. The road is narrow here due to the sites not being deep enough to handle large rigs and their autos without the auto being slightly in the road. Still works though, but the person just to the left of the dump station is going to be blocked in his site while you dump, and if there is more than one person dumping a lot of rigs could get blocked into their sites while everyone dumping on their way out is doing their business.
Ice Machine - Nice touch
Cool, an Ice Machine. Seldom seen in any campground.
RV Site loop "D"
Campers of all socioeconomic classes
Tennis Courts
Tennis courts that can’t be hurt by skateboards
Children's playhouse
Cool play structure
Day use area
Day use area
Swimming area
Swimming area
Lake Minden lake
Nice Beach so many miles from the sea.
Rest rooms
Rest Rooms
Inner restrooms
Great shape considering the building.
Cool Barn for parties
Dance area
Black top in front of barn for dances
RV Storage
About 20 Acres of RV storage – There are probably twice as many rigs in storage here as there are sites on the property.
RV site backing to field
Our Site. Sarah likes the green grass here, she says it is soft on her hands when she does cart wheels.

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