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Oakzanita Springs  Thousand Trails

11053 HWY 79 Descanso, Ca. 91916

Ranger Station: (619) 445-2515

Cell Data Notes

Verizon Internet card works reliably here, no park internet found


Super Walmart El Cajon – 30 Miles

State Travel Regulations for RV’s

Check legal RV limits for this highway – Lower San Diego Legal RV Map

RV Restrictions for all California – know your length limits before you tread in California. In California your RV weight limit is  20,500 pounds on any one axle. National weight code for Motorhomes on the Interstates: U.S. Code, Title 23, Section 127 allows buses and motorhomes a maximum single-axle weight of 24,000.

California Weigh Station or scales are for commercial vehicles and rental trucks, RV’s only have to stop if flagged down somehow.

California Rest areas allow parking for eight hours, some have dump stations.

Does California require I have a special license to drive an RV? Your state drivers license if it allows you to drive you RV is good in California for same type of RV use as permitted to you in your state. California drivers need an endorsement and meet medical requirements.

Winter time driving and chain requirement in California. – Please refer to this document in the section labled RV’s they say they may require both out and inner duals to be chained together under some circumstances. Use the document in the link above to get all the details. Too complicated for my brain, as my CPU is out of date, and I am shy on memory.

California Tolls suck but they are the law, and this is how you deal with them if you are wealthy enough to California. Gees with all these fees, it’s no wonder every one is said to be on government assistance.

Everyone needs fuel – List of California Truck Stops – Note: San Diego area has the closest known truck stop to this park.

Points of Interest

Balboa Park

If your cash is important to you, don’t despair. Come to Balboa park, it is pretty, has cactus and rose gardens which are free.


Mission Bay


San Diego


The main reason to go to this park is not to tour, go to Pio Pico Thousand Trails for that. As we showed if you want to drive an hour or so, touring can be done. Look at the Pio Pico Thousand Trails page for more touring ideas. This park is a jewel in that it has both voice and cellular data which makes it a great place to relax, or work.


Park Description

This park is in an arid mountain pine, oak and sage climate. Lots of trees, lots of grass, and some natural water features. Staff we met so far has been polite and helpful. The sites are mostly not level, closer together than most east coast parks, and many are tight for big rigs. “A” loop appeared to have very few sewer hookups, but had good electric, and better sites. “B” loop has most of the sewer sites.

Park Pictures

Main Gate to park
Main Gate
Interior roads
Interior roads needed for getting around in the park.
Fifth Wheel in common site
Sites for your RV
Fish Cleaning Station
Fish Cleaning Station. When you catch’em you have to clean’em.
Commoners in a common site
Common sites along the parks edges
Tent area
Tent area going for brown this year. Bring a tan or brown tent and you have Camo.
RV's backside
RV’s Backside against a trail and road
Commoners camping
More commoners camping in a spacious site
Pull Through
High value pull through sites
RV storage
RV storage, looks like good business
Short Site
Short site
Secluded site
Secluded RV site in “A” Loop
RV site on hill
Lonely Hillside RV site
communal RV'ers
RV’s in a more communal location in park near the pool and family center
More roads
Road to more of the Okzanita Springs Thousand Trails park.
Large RV storage area
Large RV storage area
Road around park
Roads around park
Gravel site
Gravel site
Heading into loop "A"
Heading down to loop “A”
Looking down on club house
Looking down on club house
Getaway Cabin
Getaway Cabin Okzanita Springs
Off road racing
Off road racing, the RV types can’t get enough racing.
RC track
Man its an RC track, I though we was going to do some free style racing in our RV’s. Now we got to save our money up for a grounded drone.
Mini golf
Mini Golf! We must of played them all. We are the best in Thousand Trails, so don’t even try us.
Boccie Court Okzanita
Boccie court have only seen it played a time or two
Someones house near the Okzanita Thousand Trails Store
Park Store
club house
Club House

40 41

TV area
TV area, says we get an hour. Probably take us that long to figure out what it’s for and how to make use of it. Older people seem to fight over it.
Laundry house
Laundry house
Red water, can turn you pink
Nice Laundry Machines
Nice machines though


Basket Ball Court
Basketball court
Tether Ball
Tether ball, you have step back after you hit it or it will hit you back.
Play Equipmet
Play equipment for middle schoolers
Dog park with giant dinosaur plaything??
Volley ball
Volley ball


Dirty hot tub
Dirty hot tub is not dirty, it is the mountain water of this region.

59 60

Keep the kids from the pond. we don’t want them heading to their final reward so soon.
Mountain Lion
Hungry Mountain lions in park. Do you know where your kids are?
Hungry Bird
Big Bird is Hungry, hope he eats mountain lions.

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