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San Benito Thousand Trails

126225 Cienega Rd. Paicines, Ca. 

Ranger Station: (831) 389-4478

Cellular Service

 Verizon Internet card and cell phone really not usable without a booster. and even then barely.  Park internet was down. They use Hughes, Hughes is usually down when we see it.

Closest Walmart – Walmart supercenter Gilroy, California (32 Miles)

Points of Interest

See Morgan Hill Thousand Trails. Really, this is not a park to tour from, it is too far out in the boonies. There is plenty to do here. Just relax and enjoy the park.

Legal Notes

Check legal RV limits for this highway –  Legal RV Map

RV Restrictions for all California – know your length limits before you tread in California. In California your RV weight limit is  20,500 pounds on any one axle. National weight code for Motorhomes on the Interstates: U.S. Code, Title 23, Section 127 allows buses and motorhomes a maximum single-axle weight of 24,000.

California Weigh Station or scales are for commercial vehicles and rental trucks, RV’s only have to stop if flagged down somehow.

California Rest areas allow parking for eight hours, some have dump stations.

Does California require I have a special license to drive an RV? Your state drivers license if it allows you to drive you RV is good in California for same type of RV use as permitted to you in your state. California drivers need an endorsement and meet medical requirements.

Winter time driving and chain requirement in California. – Please refer to this document in the section labled RV’s they say they may require both out and inner duals to be chained together under some circumstances. Use the document in the link above to get all the details. Too complicated for my brain, as my CPU is out of date, and I am shy on memory.

California Tolls suck but they are the law, and this is how you deal with them if you are wealthy enough to California. Gees with all these fees, it’s no wonder every one is said to be on government assistance.

Everyone needs fuel – List of California Truck Stops – Note: Sacramento and Stockton area has the closest known truck stops to this park.


This is a large park, all the shopping is half hour to an hour away, so be prepared for that. Most of the sites are have sewer hookups and are large. This is a huge plus, the parks south of here tend to leave little room for each rig though they have lots of property. Park in the spaces near the river to avoid sharing space with RV storage.  The loop by the adult center is secluded from the rest of the park, which should reduce the number of kids if that is a requirement. The Family center is well maintained and has a great deal of entertainment available. The family pool looks very nice. The drive in is safe and navigable for all rigs with the exception of a couple tight spots.

When pulling into this park, have an electrical appliance you can plug into any potential site before parking as many of the electrical pedestals were dead.

Park Pictures

Ranger Station: (831) 389-4478
Ranger Station: (831) 389-4478
Laundry building
Laundry Building open 24 hours

24 hour laundry

5mp San Benito
A little humor goes a long ways. Please drive 5 while they are still nice about it.
narrow bridge
The bridge to the good life is narrow, and you will have to cross it to camp in the adult loop.
extra parking
Horse shoe pits
Horseshoes must be a big deal here. They are well groomed and ready to go.
San Benito Thousand Trails store – Paicines, Ca
Bath house and restrooms
Bath house
Clean restrooms
Clean restrooms
semi private showers
Semi private showers have a curtain between the shower and the clothes. Travel enough, and you will see that is a real treat.
Tenting in the lawn
Sleeping out in the grass instead of tenting in a gravel camp site. This is how urban tenting should be.
Typical RV Sites
Next few picture show typical RV sites


Tiffin Phaeton
Tiffin Phaeton – don’t buy one made between about 2006 – and 2013 when Bob Tiffin was not at the helm. Check the years stated above we could be off a bit. The point is Bob is a great CEO.
Typical entry level rental cabin at San Benito Thousand Trails
Getaway Cabin
Getaway cabin
Pull through 50A and sewer
Pull through sites yield lots of room, but you can smell the brand of toilet paper your neighbor is using, For that, you get sewer and more room out your front door. They also work as buddy sites.
Obstacle course with vegetation being the greatest obsticle
Obstacle course to keep us fit. Since the grass is not tromped down. Fitness must not be a priority with RV campers.
Kids play set
Rustic Play Equipment, kids love it. I know because I see a kid.
Family center
Family Center
Rock Garden
Rock gardens are always nice.
Family center side doors
Family center entrance
Ping Pong
Ping Pong table in San Benito Thousand Trails family center
Hang out at family center
Exterior hang out at the family center
Dining room
Dining room
Mini Golf
Mini Golf
Stream, kinda low for May
Pool without water
This will be nice when it is complete
Modern play equipment
Modern Play equipment. Looks very lonely.
Picnic Pavillion
Picnic Pavilion
Pool full of juice and ready to go
Pool, just short some swimmers.
Hot tub
Well here you have it, we are leaving you at San Benito Thousand Trails with a hot tub that is rested and ready. While we are moving on to other parks, it is your job to keep these facilities company. This park is a currently a ghost park; there has to be some group of people who can break away from their cell phones and make use of it.

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