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Turtle Beach Fish Camp – Thousand Trails

Published June 21, 2013 | By Athena Or Darin

703 E. Williamson Rd.
Manteca, CA 95337
Ranger Station: (209) 239-2034

Please have member mail sent to:
General Delivery, Manteca, CA 95336.

Vehicle washing permitted at this time

No Laundry facilities at the campground or within 5 miles

Shopping Super Wal-Mart about 5 miles away Costco about 3 miles



Cell data card Service is excellent

Internet at the lodge was .005 kbps second while we were there so it was unusable.

Legal Notes

Check legal RV limits for this highway –  Legal RV Map

RV Restrictions for all California – know your length limits before you tread in California. In California your RV weight limit is  20,500 pounds on any one axle. National weight code for Motorhomes on the Interstates: U.S. Code, Title 23, Section 127 allows buses and motorhomes a maximum single-axle weight of 24,000.

California Weigh Station or scales are for commercial vehicles and rental trucks, RV’s only have to stop if flagged down somehow.

California Rest areas allow parking for eight hours, some have dump stations.

Does California require I have a special license to drive an RV? Your state drivers license if it allows you to drive you RV is good in California for same type of RV use as permitted to you in your state. California drivers need an endorsement and meet medical requirements.

Winter time driving and chain requirement in California. – Please refer to this document in the section labled RV’s they say they may require both out and inner duals to be chained together under some circumstances. Use the document in the link above to get all the details. Too complicated for my brain, as my CPU is out of date, and I am shy on memory.

California Tolls suck but they are the law, and this is how you deal with them if you are wealthy enough to California. Gees with all these fees, it’s no wonder every one is said to be on government assistance.

Everyone needs fuel – List of California Truck Stops – Note: Sacramento and Stockton area has the closest known truck stops to this park.


39 full hookup (50-amp)

17 water/electric only (30-amp)

plenty of dry camping available. Reservations are recommended to guarantee hookups.


On the right of the entry to the park is the lodge made up of an older modular building. There is a picnic table gazebos gracing a telephone pole in the driveway. Use caution when entering the park, it is a short steep up hill drive way, that is one way. The drive is like this because the area is flood prone and you are driving over a dike.




Back porch of the lodge – Inside the lodge is an older pool table, a nice sofa, TV and a dinette.  (children  under 16 not allowed to play pool even with an adult)

Lodge view from boat dock

Park is in a flood plane. The Restrooms – In case of flood are ready to roll at any moment , pray you are not using the bathroom when the floods come.

Storage area. Rv’s will not fare so well in the flood, but the boats will finally be freed.

Open space

Place to launch the flotilla

A bit of the river for your pleasure.

Crossed to the other side for a better view of our encampment

In the South West, green is a rare, and fining it where you can walk in it is even more rare.

A rare redneck treat. A wash tub converted to a fire ring. I do fear it will be out of balance when re-installed in the wringer.

Leased sites on the water’s edge

Tent site

Regular camping area.

Trees will touch your rig, so be careful where your are in your space.  Don’t park like this guy and have the end of the RV past the gravel pad. In page three of the rules for the park, you find it is in violation and subject to fine. So big rigs and a car in the same site are difficult to keep in compliance. The county road is narrow, windy, and overgrown with bushes. Take it slow, and expect some scratches in the clear coat.  Plan on dry camping, or having no sewer due to the mix of sites and leased sites.

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