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Wilderness Lakes Thousand Trails

30605 Briggs Rd.
Menifee, CA 92584

Ranger Station: (951) 679-4750

Mobile Voice and Data

Verizon card and all cellular phones worked well here. Park has internet sometimes.


Super Walmart is in Hemet about 10 miles out, but there is a WINCO Foods 8 miles away in Paris which is far cheaper for groceries.

Postal General Delivery – General Delivery, Winchester, CA 92596 (Easy to find 4.5 miles away.)

Legal Notices

Check legal RV limits for this highway
 Riverside San Bernardino county Legal RV Map

RV Restrictions for all California – know your length limits before you tread in California. In California your RV weight limit is  20,500 pounds on any one axle. National weight code for Motorhomes on the Interstates: U.S. Code, Title 23, Section 127 allows buses and motorhomes a maximum single-axle weight of 24,000.

California Weigh Station or scales are for commercial vehicles and rental trucks, RV’s only have to stop if flagged down somehow.

California Rest areas allow parking for eight hours, some have dump stations.

Does California require I have a special license to drive an RV? Your state driver’s license if it allows you to drive you RV is good in California for same type of RV use as permitted to you in your state. California drivers need an endorsement and meet medical requirements.

Winter time driving and chain requirement in California. – Please refer to this document in the section labeled RV’s they say they may require both out and inner duals to be chained together under some circumstances. Use the document in the link above to get all the details. Too complicated for my brain, as my CPU is out of date, and I am shy on memory.

California Tolls suck but they are the law, and this is how you deal with them if you are wealthy enough to California. Gees with all these fees, it’s no wonder everyone is said to be on government assistance.

Everyone needs fuel – List of California Truck Stops – Note: Riverside, Barstow and Palm Springs areas have the closest known truck stops to this park.

Points of Interest


Generally, we liked this park, but it needs more grass along the canals and around the sites, the park is mostly rock and dirt which are no fun in the hot weather. Our stay was 90 degrees and above every day, there was little shade, and all the buildings were closed to members due to a corporate event. The park is in great repair and leaves nothing to need when all the facilities are open. The store is open Friday through Monday, but the park was nearly full the whole week, seems they would want the store open as it is a very nice store. Due to the hot weather and the everything being closed, many pictures were taken through windows, and in late evening, so the picture quality is even lower than normal, but should work for giving a general sense of the park.

Park Pictures

Turn off Newport road onto Laguna toward a housing development, turn left at the first intersection, then drive between the housing developments until you reach the dairy farm at the right. Turn right on Briggs road just past the Dairy farm drive to the second entrance of the park. (The first one has been closed). The park is easy to find if you don’t let the fact that you are expecting a Wilderness and lake (that don’t exist) bother you. This park is between a dairy, a marsh, and gated housing developments.

Turn Right here at Briggs Rd.

Park appears on the right, but there is a distance to go yet, as you must pass the first entrance.

They are backwards of most ranger check in booths in the system, you pull up to the booth in the left lane and they check you in there. Check in was very fast! It was a pleasure, we were stopped less than a minute, had our paper work and information in hand. Never experienced this kind of efficiency before. They get an A+ in my book. They did not waste 20 minutes reading the rules to me and telling me everything I could possibly do to get kicked out of Thousand Trails, they assumed we were adults and capable of reading. That is so refreshing. One other note, though they have adult facilities, they do not make a big deal of it, they are there and there are polite signs defining adults and marking the areas, everywhere else is very friendly to all ages. This is another great thing this park has that is rare in Thousand Trails. Kindness to all ages. Verde Valley was close runner up as well as Orlando preserve.

Interior roads

Sites for mere members

Personal Sites

Propane for sale and easy to get at. The price is competitive too.

Air for your tires, only goes to 90psi though. My tires require more.

Rental trailers

These hookup stations at each site are nice. The sewer connector is a positive screw in style, those are nice because they do not slip out like the donuts do as the ambient temperature changes, they have concrete pad which helps if you spill some and need to hose it down the drain. If they opt to put grass in, these pads make it so mowing around the connections would be easier. All parks should be required to do this, but slope all the concrete to the sewer drain to help prevent accidental spillage onto the ground. This is classic simple and good engineering. I hope someday they standardize sewer connections across the entire country. Every local place does something different, and we RV’rs have to have up to 5 different systems in order to accommodate every possible sewer hookup that some county official in this county decided he liked the day the parks was built. Local autonomy is expensive! Encore should give less local autonomy to its parks as well.


Laundry – In great condition, but the need a couple more building in the park.

I had no idea what a blessing it is to have coin laundry. Hopefully they never change this one to those card systems. Now for the down side, there is no coin changer available, so you will have to go the bank if you are out.

Dryers, $1.25 to dry, and the clothes get very dry. Great machines done right!

Tried to get a picture of the whole room, but there is a pop machine in the way. Pop is only a $1.00, not bad for a vending machine, but there was no caffeine free pop and we were ill and unable to drink Pepsi. Had to get in the car and go to Target back at Highway 215. (Target at this location charges about 30% for everything than every place we have been.) Drive 4 miles up hwy 215 to WINCO area and get your stuff there. Not just WINCO, but even the gas was 15 cents a gallon cheaper up there. Even if you think your loaded, money matters, don’t waste it shopping in expensive shopping centers.

Main Lodge

Mini golf in good repair

Country store next to RV sales area and Admin offices

Rental cabins

RV sales

VIP Cabins

Water canals

Marsh to the left of the park

Dike between the marsh and the park

Hard to see, but this is a flood from last winter. The builders of the gated communities are filling in the marsh with dirt to create land for housing, leaving this park as the lowest ground in the area, there is less wet land to contain water runoff. The new housing has made it so the park has to look for flooding each time a storm rolls through. Based on what I see, the park and the dairy may be forced to leave the area if the trend continues. Gated communities don’t like RV parks anyway, so the loss of the dairy and park, would probably up their property values. The park would be a great loss to us members who winter in California as there are not enough Thousand Trails Parks in Southern California at elevations low enough to get the nice weather.

Residents of the park – They nest here.

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