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Diamond Caverns

1878 Mammoth Cave Parkway
Park City, KY 42160

Ranger Station: (270) 749-2891

General Delivery, Park City, KY 42160

Walmart Super Center – 20 miles

Mobile Voice and Data

Solid internet and voice via Verizon

Kentucky RV Laws

Maximum RV width 96 in. (102 in. on certain federal roads); maximum motorhome length 45 ft.; maximum trailer length not specified; maximum RV height 13.5 ft.; maximum length of two- or three-vehicle combination 65 ft.; RV Safety Requirements: Trailer brakes must be sufficient to stop within legal distance of 40 ft. at 20 mph. Driving Laws: Wipers on/headlights on. More Information: Kentucky Department of Travel, 500 Mero St., Suite 2200, Frankfort KY 40601-1968.

Stopping at Scales with an RV is not required

Kentucky tuck stop list; Map

Points of Interest

Mammoth Caves – (7 Miles)

Diamond Caverns tours – $17 pp you can walk there from Thousand Trails it’s pretty neat

Corvette Museum – $10 pp active military free. – (22 Miles)

Corvette Factory Tours – $10pp or $16 pp if you want to see the museum as well. (22 Miles)


Diamond caverns is a nice Thousand Trails park, but the only reason we came was to see Mammoth Cave National Park. When we got here, we found it confusing as we had to check in at little building at Diamond Caves which looks like a tourist trap on the right hand side of the highway, and could not see the Thousand Trails park from the road. I got lost getting there as I thought my GPS was wrong again! Once over that hurdle, we got checked in in the Diamond Caverns shop, then were instructed to drive up a little road on the opposite side of the highway to the campground. There is no guard shack or gate, but security was good in spite of that, and the host was very helpful to us in getting setup. We had a nice time here at this park, and got to know the campers around us. They recommend one use the hot tub as a tornado shelter, it did not look like a good idea to us, so when the tornado came we went to cave at Diamond Caverns museum instead, it has a cave to hang out in. Caves are not impacted by high wind. This park is close to nothing but the caves, a Walmart about 20 miles away, and of course Bowling Green is to the south about 30 miles. There is a Corvette Museum and they give tours of the Corvette plant there which if you like to see how things are built this place is better than Disney.

Park Pictures

Our site (Sites are water and electric, and some sewer are available with a little luck)

Club House


Play structure

Mini Golf

Ping Pong


Rain preceding a tornado, but it missed us. Better luck next time.

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