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Orlando Thousand Trails

Thousand Trails Boulevard,

Clermont, FL 34714

(352) 394-5531


Mobile Voice and Data

Solid 4g

Florida Legal Limits

RV Motorhome length is no more than 50′, Height no more than 13.6′, and width 102″ on roads with 12′ lanes and may be restricted to 96″ on some city streets per the discretion of the local governments. RV trailers have the same considerations as motor homes but one truck can only pull one trailer, doubles are not legal. No RV combination can be over 65′ in length. Florida code

Florida does not appear to require Recreational Vehicles to stop at the scales. Commercial Trucks, and rental trucks only. Weigh station guide

Fuel: Travel Stops of America / Petro I-75 at Route 44, Exit 329, MM 330 Wildwood Florida

Points of Interest

Citrus Park – Being non-natives of Florida we really enjoyed the variety of local fruit and the U-pick was a real privilege. (4 Miles)

Lake Louisa State Park – Nice park close to Orlando Thousand Trails $5 per vehicle – (7 Miles)

Bonanza Mini Golf – $10 pp Nice course and if you’re a resident of Florida they will give deals that make it so a guy can actually take his family. (8 – Miles)

Citrus Tower – Ride the elevator to the observation deck and see for miles and miles. $6 pp. – (14 Miles)

Disney Springs formerly called Pleasure Island which was fun – Parking is still free, Entry is free, they get their money from shopping and dining. The magic for the over 21 crowd is gone, so sorry Mom and Dad, after an excruciating day at Disney with your kids, you will have to have a equally entertaining night buying expensive food and Disney junk. At least you be keeping Disney corp. out of the food bank – (17 Miles)

Disney World – Look for package deals, you might be able to get all the parks, and stay with your RV in Fort Wilderness for the price of general entry, don’t forget the massive parking fees. Do not bring pets it will cost you (17 Miles)

Sea World San Diego – $75 pp. Parking $19 – $24. Buy your parking online as you have to walk from the car to the gate and back again with your ticket. We lost interest when they caved to the over vigilant environmental groups. For those into the toned down park it’s here. (19 Miles)

Universal Studios Orlando – $160 pp pd (Look for discounts and packages!) $20 Parking. Cheaper for residents. Another business screwing it’s bread and butter consumers. Tourism, will decline as wages sing and fees rise. (23 Miles)

Lego Land Florida – $91 pp pd Parking is $17 plus tax -Look for discounts, they have offered 75% off to home school groups. This is worth asking about. (33.1 Miles)

The Presidents Hall of Fame – Cool historical museum but it will set you back $15 pp (19 Miles)

Paddle the Lake County Blue Ways – Looks like a great way to be alligator food to me. – (Map)

Orlando Science Center – $20 pp but includes giant screen films – (34 Miles)

Wekia Springs Swimming – Yes they have alligators, get their midafternoon while they are sleeping off the breakfast crowd. $6 pp (46 Miles)


Orlando Thousand Trails is a huge park on it’s own private lake which one can fish without a license. The park is mostly grass, appeared to be sewer in all sites. The electric is 30 Amp but 50 Amp can be had for a fee. They have nice facilities with a gym / dance floor, Cafe, outdoor games such as shuffleboard, tether ball and horseshoes.

If you are here for Disney, Orlando Thousand Trails, is about 10 miles by air from Disney Word, but 45 minutes to the gate by car. After arriving here, we decided not to see Disney World from this park, as there were good package deals on the Fort Wilderness RV park in the Disney complex. The cost to park the car at Disney World was $15.00 a day. Fort Wilderness is $60 a night, but one does not have to drive 45 minutes to the park, just hop a boat or bus and be through the gate in 10 minutes.  The cost of the campground was mitigated by ticket discounts, and extra magic hours. This is a wonderful park which none of us wanted to leave, and we came back two more times before leaving Florida. Go just after dark during the Christmas season and stand on the dock in the park. You can see the fireworks from Disney. Just keep an eye out for the alligators, they seem to have discovered that humans are scrumptious as of late.

Park Pictures

Interior roads

Little pond west of the club house

There are two swimming pools, but we cannot say if they are heated by more than the sun.

The club house is in the background. One nice thing here is everything in this park is in good repair.

One of three laundry rooms, this one in the G loop.

These critters are in the park, and hang out in threes

Road by the pond

Alligators own the pond

Mini golf alligator pond

Fishing dock

Another view of the pond

Another visitor to our camp site

Typical site in the wooded area

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