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Peace River

2555 US Hwy. 17 South
Wauchula, FL 33873

Ranger Station: (863) 735-8888

Mobile Voice and Data

Verizon voice and data were solid at last check.

Florida RV Legal Notes

RV Motorhome length is no more than 50′, Height no more than 13.6′ high, Width 102″ on roads with 12′ lanes and may be restricted to 96″ on some city streets per the discretion of the local governments. RV trailers have the same considerations as motor homes but one truck can only pull one trailer, doubles are not legal. No RV combination can be over 65′ in length. Florida code

Florida does not appear to require Recreational Vehicles to stop at the scales. Commercial Trucks, and rental trucks only. Weigh station guide

Fuel: Travel Stops of America / Petro I-75 at Route 44, Exit 329, MM 330 Wildwood Florida

Points of Interest

Solomon’s Castle – $12.50 pp Seriously screwy hours! Be sure and visit their web site. (21 Miles)

Lego Land Florida – $91 pp pd Parking is $17 plus tax -Look for discounts, they have offered 75% off to home school groups. This is worth asking about. (42.1 Miles)

Dinosaur World – $17 pp – All about the Dinosaurs – mostly a kids’ deal (53 Miles)


Peace River is right on the highway, which is not normal for a Thousand Trails park. In fact, when one first drives in it does not look like much. But something about the park, and the way it is laid out makes one quickly forget any reservations he might have had about the park. After being here for two weeks, and getting to know the other campers here, we did not have any desire to leave. Just don’t park in the sites next to the highway. Things to do in the area, are sparse unless driving is your idea of fun. Holmes Beach about an hour and a half west is nice, and Orlando area is about 60 miles north east. We pretty much stayed at the park and enjoyed the game room, the river, the pool, and the weather. Other folks like to drive more than we do, and were out nearly every day seeing both coasts of Florida. We think the majority of the people who stay in this park stay here when not staying in the Orlando Thousand Trails park. Last note, this park is mostly water and electric only, but one section has sewer. If you want sewer you will have to sign up and be at ranger station when the names are assigned to freed up sewer sites. How many sites come available is based on the number of people leaving that day. If you are not at the ranger station when your name is called the site goes to the next guy. You snooze, you lose!

Park Pictures

Interior roads

Typical sites

This is a cool trail, but one has to wonder if he should use it.

Peace River

We walk the trails looking for vicious creatures

Another campsite

Sites can be a little tight even though they are large. The tree blocked the awning

Rodents, they are cute, but noisy

Pool, not sure if it is heated, but was comfortable to use.

Laundry facility, everything worked

Another view of the trail

New Year’s Eve party, everyone disturbs the peace.

Sunset from the deck of the adult area of the club house.

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