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Kenisee Lake – Jefferson Ohio

2021 Mill Creek Rd.
Jefferson, OH 44047

Ranger Station: (440) 576-9030

Please use the Thousand Trails Map to get here.

Seasonal Park – May – October

Mail – General Delivery, Jefferson, OH 44047

Super Walmart (15 Miles)


Mobile Voice and Data

Really not useable in the park. Must go to town.

Ohio RV Regulations

  • Pulling two trailed allowed but total length must be 65′ or less.
  • Height 13.5′, Width 8.’, Trailer Length 40′, Max class ‘A’ length 45′, RV axle weight 20,000 pounds, tandems are 17,000 pounds per axle varies by location.
  • Ohio Turnpike Single axle class “A” has a maximum weight of 29,000 pounds, tandem axle 34,000 pounds. They weigh everyone and will turn RV’s around. Consider and alternate route such as I-86, and I-88. Saves tones on tolls.
  • Do not have to stop at the scales, but they can flag RV’s down for inspection and weight.
  • Don’t fill at the truck pumps unless the station can handle the taxes. Just ask if they do that for RV’s most do.
  • Closest truck stop is flying “J” where highway 45 meets I-90 about seven miles away. All Truck Stops

Points of Interest


Kenisee Lake was just a nice stop over for us on our way to Niagara Falls. The Laundry facilities were too small for the park, so we had to drive in to Jefferson to do the Laundry. Note the tunnel, very few rigs will fit, GO AROUND! Your GPS will insist you go through the tunnel, which is ok if you’re driving a MG Midget pulling a popup trailer. Once you arrive at the park, you will find a very nice park, but there was nothing there to do for the kids, they had nothing. We did not care; we drove out to the lakes. The park has full hookups, but it has a lot of electric and water only. Since you cannot reserve a specific sit there is no guarantee you will get full hookups, likely as not there will be none available.

Park Pictures

The main road to the park does not work, one has to drive up to Jefferson and come in from the other side.

Open Field

Maintenance Barn


Our Site

Gravel roads

Lake behind our rig

Video we found about Kenisee Lake

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