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Las Vegas, NV

4295 Boulder Highway, Las Vegas Nevada 89121
Ranger Station: (702) 451-4647

Mail – General Delivery, Las Vegas, NV 89125

 Pickup mail at USPS 4885 E. Carrey Avenue Las Vegas, 89165 about 2 Miles.

(All General deliveries in Las Vegas are now picked up at this location.)

Super Walmart 2 miles

Mobile Voice and Data

Verizon Internet card works great.

Nevada RV Laws

Do we need to stop at weigh stations? Yes, if you meet the weight requirements and are driving for hire.

RV Size limits 14′, High, 85.5′ wide, 45′ for Motor Home, and a total length of 70′ A truck may carry a fifth wheel and one more trailers as long the total length is under 71′.

Fuel in standard pumps seems to be OK for now.

Truck Stops in NevadaPilot for North Bound Travelers – (12 Miles) / Pilot Heading south to California(50 Miles) (Please note truck stops are beginning to charge for overnight parking. Fuel, food, and the junk we buy is no longer enough. Look here parking up to $15.00 per night! Rest areas will get more crowded as well deserted freeway exits as try to get our rest.)

Points of Interest


This is a very tight park, but clean and well kept. The staff is top notch and works very hard. The community areas are well designed and pleasant to be in. That being said, this park is a place to sleep while passing through to other places, or touring the area, not a great place to hang out, as there is no room around your rig. Laundry facilities are barely adequate for the number of rigs in the park. There is no change machine, bring money. The park is reasonably close to the strip, and other natural attractions near Vegas. For the most part we really consider this park a rest stop on the way to other states. The park is less than a Mile off I – 515 and just a few miles from I-15.

Park Pictures

Main driveway just after the ranger station

The best of the laundry rooms

Typical site, all are 30amp, so in hot weather, it could be hard to keep cool.

Playground, not functional any more, most of the equipment has been removed.

(2016 no play equipment exists any longer.)

Nice little park store – (2016 being rebuilt due to storm damage)

Community room -– (2016 being rebuilt due to storm damage)

Water feature in front of the store

View looking out of the store

Get away cabin

Hot tub, and the water is perfect– (2016 being rebuilt due to storm damage)

Pool is out of commission right now. – (2016 being replaced due to storm damage)

View of one of the rows of camp sites

Las Vega Thousand Trails in Trails Blazer Magazine

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