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Pacific City

30000 Sandlake Rd.

Cloverdale, OR 97112

Ranger Station: (503) 965-6442

General Delivery, Pacific City, OR 97135 Pickup in Cloverdale

Walmart Supercenter

Mobile Voice and Data

Cell Phones and Cell cards barley work well here even with a booster. Plan to drive into Pacific City to get reception.

  • Oregon RV Laws
    If not fueling with diesel, and it is the daytime hours, and you are in a large township you have to allow the service station attendant to fill your vehicle. Oregon used to do this for fire concerns, but as of the 2015 legislature it was decided that this is a make jobs action. You can always fill your own vehicle if using diesel, you can fill a gas vehicle in rural areas at night if the filling station has the right equipment to take payment after hours. Unless you are in Portland, Oregon where the current fuel tax is now 75 cents per gallon, you will find gas in Oregon to be the same as in other states. The down side is it take longer to get fuel because you have to wait on the attendant. Don’t get it yourself, the fines are scary.
  • Rv’s can be 14′ high, 8.6′ Wide, Trailers up to 45 feet long, Class “A” “C” ect… 45′, Only one trailer can be pulled at a time.
  • Nearest truck stop I-5 76 Food Mart in Albany (If you are in a diesel pusher watch you fuel, we found that we did not fit well under the canopies on the Oregon Coast. We buy fuel before entering Oregon, then drive down the coast to Florence, then divert back to I-5 to patronize larger fueling stations. We really do not travel highway 101 south of Florence for this reason.) Here is a list of Oregon truck stops.

Points of Interest

Park Description

Pacific City Thousand Trails, if it is a holiday get in early if sewer hookup is a requirement. On the 4th of July reservations are a must! This park is very nice, and in very good condition, and is the destination park for Oregon.  There is a one-way road by the club house, do not take your RV up in that area by the club house! it is confusing, and people get stuck there regularly. We have helped more than one rig get out of there. No one under the age of 18 is allowed in the hot tub. The pool is next door to the hot tub, so the kids can swim. Travel Note: If you are passing through Tillamook in large diesel pusher or the equivalent in width watch the cars parked on either side of the road. You may have to hog the next lane over if passing parked trucks with their mirrors extended. We took a truck mirror with us last summer due to unfavorable parking and traffic. This route will bypass the terrible downtown congestion. The interior roads on the Park are generally good. As you pass the “Y”  by the restrooms, the road gets steep and windy. Forty footers will has a difficult time with the turns during times of heavy traffic.  Loop “D” the fork to the right has tight turns marked with big concrete barriers, which can tedious to navigate.  The park has server in some of loop “D” and a few in loop “I” probably about 20 sewer sites possible.

Park Pictures


View of the ocean from the front window. We parked in backwards to face the ocean, we are parked in loop “I”; loops “C” and “G” also has ocean views. These sites have been converted to cabins and annual sites since this review. There are probably four view sites available.

Roads are steep, be careful on your bike, lots of people get injured here. Both our kids had issues.

Sites are stair-stepped up the hill

Pool looks dirty, but the water has a reddish mineral that adheres to bottom and sides

Clubhouse and Pool

There is beach connected to the park via a trail, but it is across the highway.

The Real reason people come to Pacific City Thousand Trails

Thousand Trails Web site for Pacific City

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