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Bend / Sunriver Thousand Trails

17480 S. Century Dr.
Bend, OR 97707

Ranger Station: (541) 593-8494

Nearest Super Walmart is in Bend about 15 minutes away.

General Delivery General Delivery, LA PINE OR 89101Pickup at 51649 Huntington Rd, La Pine, OR 97739

Mobile Voice and Data

Cell and Internet cards work great with a booster, when the park is full mid-July data throughput is no good. There is slow WiFi available in the family center

Oregon RV Laws

  • If not fueling with diesel, and it is the daytime hours, and you are in a large township you have to allow the service station attendant to fill your vehicle. Oregon used to do this for fire concerns, but as of the 2015 legislature it was decided that this is a make jobs action. You can always fill your own vehicle if using diesel, you can fill a gas vehicle in rural areas at night if the filling station has the right equipment to take payment after hours. Unless you are in Portland, Oregon where the current fuel tax is now 75 cents per gallon, you will find gas in Oregon to be the same as in other states. The down side is it take longer to get fuel because you have to wait on the attendant. Don’t get it yourself, the fines are scary.
  • Rv’s can be 14′ high, 8.6′ Wide, Trailers up to 45 feet long, Class “A” “C” ect… 45′, Only one trailer can be pulled at a time.
  • Nearest truck is Gordy’s, has scales, competitive fuel prices, and a dump station. Here is a list of Oregon truck stops.

Things to see:


North of Bend



  • Equestrian Vacations – Horse Back riding, our kids like it. – (8 Miles)
  • Gift shops and store – Has kids stuff to play on, bike rentals, groceries, – (8 Miles)
  • Canoe on the Deschutes – They rent the canoe or raft to you, then pick you up. Cost $100 per boat, guess insurance is expensive – (7 Miles)
  • Safe and pleasant Bike trails (Can rent bikes if needed.) Trails all over Sunriver start at the store.
  • Observatory – We have never been here, but friends say its great. Have to try it sometime. – (7 Miles)
  • Lava Lands – This is a very nice exhibit, one must stop here. Even if just for picnic. – (23 Miles)
  • Lava Cast Forrest – Very neat, our kids liked the holes, and played in them. Gravel road from hell, make sure you secure your dentures. A forest service pass is required. – (15 Miles)
  • Lava River Cave – We have done the trip several times, need to rent a light about $4. Bring a coat! – (9 Miles)
  • Benham falls – Nice walk along the river in the woods. Put little ones on a leash and bring mosquito spray. – (14 Miles)
  • Skiing Mount Bachelor / Sunriver – Winter only, and very popular – (24 Miles)


    • Paulina Lake drive and Obsidian flow – There is a $10 cover charge for this NPS, but it is cool to visit. The obsidian flow is real interesting, but if your legs are not good like some people we know, it will be hard to see. – (21 Miles)

  • Cascade Scenic Byway  – 5 hour loop around many lakes over Mount Bachelor and drops you back in Bend. Take Oregon Route 372 We stop alot so it takes us a full day.


  •  Downtown Sisters – a fun mountain community done in a mountain theme. – (42 Miles)
  • McKenzie Pass a high mountain scenic hwy – only open a couple months a year and some times not at all due to elevation, but incredible views. – (65 Miles)

Way South


Sunriver, Oregon (Bend) 20 miles south on Hwy 97. This Park is a wonderful park, everything I want out of a membership park except it has no sewer hookups due to county regulations. In addition to the park being clean, nice and obviously well managed, they do not have rude signs around that are condescending to members, nor big rule packets, and the park truly gives the feel of a family friendly atmosphere.  The park is 4 hours out of Portland, 3 hours from the Columbia River Gorge and 3 hours from Salem. If you are in Oregon, you need to come to Bend. Note: This park has no sewer hookups.

Park Pictures

Park entrance

Ranger hut

The Fort / Common area


Family room

Where they put the people who can’t drive 5

Library – Well Loved

Family pools

Adult Pool and hot tub

They place most of the long term people behind this sign. This way everyone gets along better

Long term rental, everything is kept neat as can be. I have very little issue with leased sites when they are kept like this one.

Sign to the leased sites

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