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Whalers Rest

50 SE 123rd St.
South Beach, OR 97366

Ranger Station: (541) 867-3100

General Delivery  Newport, OR 97365 Pickup at 2nd st.

Walmart (No overnight parking)


Mobile Voice and Data

Cell and MiFi cards work well in the top two sites in the center of the North Loop with a signal booster, not present in the south loops

Oregon RV Laws

  • If not fueling with diesel, and it is the daytime hours, and you are in a large township you have to allow the service station attendant to fill your vehicle. Oregon used to do this for fire concerns, but as of the 2015 legislature it was decided that this is a make jobs action. You can always fill your own vehicle if using diesel, you can fill a gas vehicle in rural areas at night if the filling station has the right equipment to take payment after hours. Unless you are in Portland, Oregon where the current fuel tax is now 75 cents per gallon, you will find gas in Oregon to be the same as in other states. The down side is it take longer to get fuel because you have to wait on the attendant. Don’t get it yourself, the fines are scary.
  • Rv’s can be 14′ high, 8.6′ Wide, trailers up to 45 feet long, Class “A” “C” ect… 45′, Only one trailer can be pulled at a time.
  • Here is a list of Oregon truck stops. Big rigs need to fuel on I-5

Things to see


Whalers Rest Thousand Trails is a nice park, the RV’s are packed in tight, the roads are tight, but freshly graveled in most areas. The club house is large, they have a good store, and adequate Laundry. There is an adult center some distance up the hill from the main campground Keep in mind that if you need any cell service at all, you need to be in the side of the park behind the registration booth. To get there go all the way around the park, and cross the paved road. Don’t take the first left, I did about $4000 damage to the driver’s side of the rig with a post. The turn is not wide enough, though it looks it. Click here for: Official flyer for Whalers Rest

Park Pictures

Ranger Station

Inner roads

Our kids love this

Family center

Only park in Thousand trails this relaxed

Trailers, some used by TTN as rentals, some are owned by members.

Used to be a personal site

We will walk to the beach. Bring a sweater and a windbreaker, it is usually cold on the Oregon Beaches, rarely much above 65 degrees.

Storage is back here, it is well hidden

Entering the north side loop. I like this area, we have good internet with our MiFI and the Wilson power booster. Without the booster, the internet works, but is slow.

Regular member cabins. This entire loop is cabins, member trailers, and the rental trailer. Everything is clean and well maintained.  I like having all of the permanent rentals in one area. Taking pictures of snoopy people is fun too.

Mini golf

Getaway cabins

Back to our site.  Nice site, private, has sewer 50A and water. Who could ask for more. All the sites in the park are full hookup and 50A.

The ranger says that since all sites are 50A, there is no $5.00 surcharge like the other parks have.


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