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Circle M Ranch – Lancaster, PA

2111 Millersville Road

Lancaster, PA 17603

Ranger Station: (717) 872-4651

General Delivery, Lancaster, PA 17604

Super Walmart

Mobile Voice and Data

Everything worked perfectly here.

Legal stuff for RV’s

IF RV over 26000-pound PA residents need class “B” license, residents of other states abide by their states licensing laws. – DMV

RV size laws: 13.5″ – Height, 8.5′ Width on interstates, 8′ Width on interstates on many secondary roads. No specified length for trailers, but the total length cannot exceed 60′. Motorhomes can be 45′ with the combination of RV and Towed not to exceed 60′. Conventional 5th Wheel and Automobile transporters (plus overhang). . . . . . . . . . . . . 65 feet (Overhang: front – 3 feet, rear – 4 feet) P.23 Weight is generally 18000 per axle.

Double trailers appear to be OK just stay under 60′

Weigh stations – According to the Pennsylvania DOT if your over 26001 pounds you are automatically considered a commercial vehicle and you are required to enter the weigh station (Page 55 top). Upon further research, I have found evidence of only one person being stopped for not entering and he received a $380 fine. Most people vote ditch the scales. The turnpike, seems to force a RV’s in. My recommendation, use the document in the above link and call the phone numbers.

Required Equipment: Safety chain, breakaway switch, fire extinguisher in RV, flares or reflective signs, brakes required on trailers over 3,000 pounds or if gross weight of trailer exceeds empty weight of tow vehicle, or if weight of trailer exceeds 40% of tow-vehicle weight. Wipers/lights must be on when conditions arise.

Riding is permitted in fifth wheels if there is an audible and visual device with tow vehicle and fifth wheel has safety glass.

Overnight parking in state rest areas is not permitted. Source RV Trip Wizard

Truck stop Lancaster Travel Plaza – Parking is still free here – (10 Miles)

All Pennsylvania truck stops

Points of Interest

Hershey Park – You just have to go Hershey, the cow ride is just too much, and chocolate from its source, a Hershey will never be a Hershey again. – (32 miles)

Strasburg Railroad – You can’t go wrong when trains are involved. Places like this make kids of all of us. – (16 miles)

Indian Echo Caverns – Looks cool, we have not yet tried it. – (31 miles)

Amish Experience – Tour of the Amish farms and stuff, we tried one of the buffets, it was not great, but the quilts they make are cool. – (13 miles)

Dutch Wonderland – Amusement Park for kids, bored got a little extra money to burn go here – (16 miles)

Rockvale Outlet Center – Factory outlet store – (13 miles)

Roots Auction Market – Flea Market / farmers market thing, go early – (10 miles)

Valley Forge National Historical Park – Our favorite of the parks, good museum easy parking and replica buildings– (50 Miles)

Gettysburg National Military Park – Excellent civil war presentation – (59 Miles)

Liberty Bell – Well worth a visit. On site, Religion is down played by the park, but a bible verse is on the bell. Plan a full day, lots to see – (72 Miles)

Fort Mifflin – Another great park but this one is right under the airport flight path. Has bunkers and quarters to tour. – (73 Milles)

Washington’s Crossing / Delaware Crossing – Not much here, but there are a few signs to help one understand the challenges the army faced. – (111 Miles)

Park Description

Circle M Ranch Thousand Trails Park is really a nice park, it has full hookups which means power water and sewer; it is an old Outdoor World Resort. Any park with the Out Door World brand, is the park to choose when touring the country using the Thousand Trails network.  These parks have every imaginable feature, and are generally in very good repair.  This park is in easy striking distance of Hershey, Gettysburg, Pittsburgh, Washington’s Crossing, ect.. Thousand Trails Magazine

Park Pictures

Average Site

Water Park

Indoor mini golf


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