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Timothy Lake Rd, RR6

East Stroudsburg, PA 18302

Ranger Stations: 
(570) 588-6631, North
(570) 588- 1617, South

General Delivery, East Stroudsburg, PA 18301

Mobile Voice and Data

Everything worked perfectly here.

Legal stuff for RV’s

IF RV over 26000-pound PA residents need class “B” license, residents of other states abide by their states licensing laws. – DMV

RV size laws: 13.5″ – Height, 8.5′ Width on interstates, 8′ Width on interstates on many secondary roads. No specified length for trailers, but the total length cannot exceed 60′. Motorhomes can be 45′ with the combination of RV and Towed not to exceed 60′. Conventional 5th Wheel and Automobile transporters (plus overhang). . . . . . . . . . . . . 65 feet (Overhang: front – 3 feet, rear – 4 feet) P.23 Weight is generally 18000 per axle.

Double trailers appear to be OK just stay under 60′

Weigh stations – According to the Pennsylvania DOT if your over 26001 pounds you are automatically considered a commercial vehicle and you are required to enter the weigh station (Page 55 top). Upon further research, I have found evidence of only one person being stopped for not entering and he received a $380 fine. Most people vote ditch the scales. The turnpike, seems to force a RV’s in. My recommendation, use the document in the above link and call the phone numbers.

Required Equipment: Safety chain, breakaway switch, fire extinguisher in RV, flares or reflective signs, brakes required on trailers over 3,000 pounds or if gross weight of trailer exceeds empty weight of tow vehicle, or if weight of trailer exceeds 40% of tow-vehicle weight. Wipers/lights must be on when conditions arise.

Riding is permitted in fifth wheels if there is an audible and visual device with tow vehicle and fifth wheel has safety glass.

Overnight parking in state rest areas is not permitted. Source RV Trip Wizard

Truck stop Lancaster Travel Plaza – Parking is still free here – (10 Miles)

All Pennsylvania truck stops

Points of Interest

We came to see New York City, but it was just too far, with the time the KOA tour bus departs. We did however catch a boat to Ellis Island. We will try our New York trip again, but next time it will be the New York KOA. We consider this park an awesome destination getaway. You might see Bushkill Falls if you can afford it at $14.50pp.


Timothy Lake North, we used it as a launch point to see New York City. There is a KOA about 30 miles closer that would have been a better choice for seeing New York. A loud party that lasted all night, the morning New York traffic and distance prevented us from making it to the tour we had booked.  The KOA has a tour company that leaves from their campground. If going to see New York City, don’t stay here, if coming for a secluded place to hang out, this place is perfect.  We do not have a lot of photos as all the facilities were locked up tight for the winter.  The North East closes all the parks as early as September 1st. Bar Harbor in Maine wanted everyone out by 9/1. Pennsylvania is only a few weeks behind, with Virginia closing shop in early October in several of the Thousand Trails Parks. So see New England during the summer months even if crowds are not your thing.

Park Pictures


Road in from town

Water park – Closed for the season


Mini Golf

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