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Carolina Landing Thousand Trails

120 Carolina Landing Dr.
Fair Play, SC 29643

Ranger Station: (864) 972-9527

General Delivery, Fair Play, SC 29643

Mobile Voice and Data

Works well here

South Carolina Legal Information for RV’s

South Carolina basic trailer laws – This link is pretty comprehensive.

Over 26,000 pounds need a class “E” or “F” license if you live in SC. Outsiders abide by their state licensing laws.

Pulling two trailers is not allowed.

Passengers may ride in pickup camper only.

Overnight parking in state rest areas is “as posted”.

Size Limits: 13.5′ High, 8.5′ Wide, Trailer 48′ Motorhome 45′ Have not found a max combination length. Weight 20 per axle.

Fuel – Loves truck stop one mile west; List of South Carolina truck stops

Points of Interest


Carolina Landing Thousand Trails, everything was locked up except the ranger station for the winter. The park is pretty, but the roads back to the 30A sites were nearly impossible for us to navigate and the sites were hard to get into. The freeway is louder than we are willing to put up with. We left two days before our time was up. The 50A sites appear to be better, but still tough to navigate. The big benefit of this park is that it is close to the freeway and is a good place to stop between Hidden Cove in Alabama and The Oaks at South Point if one wants to spend a day seeing the South Carolina Beaches and Savannah. Since everything was shut, and we did not stay long there are not many pictures.

Park Pictures


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