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Lake Tawakoni Thousand Trails

1246 Rains Co. Rd. 1470
Point, TX 75472
Ranger Station: (903) 598-2260

General Delivery, Point, TX 75472

Park Literature

Walmart Supercenter, 8801 Texas 34, Quinlan, TX – (18 Miles)

Mobile Voice and Data

Verizon Internet card does not work reliably here at Lake Tawakoni, and there was no Internet available during the limited season

RV Legal Limits in Texas

One important note about Texas for those that are non-residents. Don’t speed, I know there are public service signs everywhere that say “Don’t Slow Texas Down”, but should I ever enter this state again, I will slow Texas down!

I was traveling down a highway entering a town, they had the speed sign behind a construction sign and a cop behind the speed sign. Something right out of the Dukes of Hazard movie. Unbelievable!

I rolled into town doing 9mph over the 35 miles per hour required. The nice little police lady had no pleasantries nor professional courtesies for us that day. I asked her where to pay the ticket and her reply was you figure it out. Since she was in such a Jolly mood I thanked for her time and went back to RV, then googled the county seat and worked my way back from them there.

The ticket was $300 plus a $200 court fee, plus sales tax, and recorded as a criminal misdemeanor! Come on, where we are from that is an infraction that only means something to your insurance company for a few years. I was also told by the clerk that if your state requires a special license such as a CDL, Texas would pull your CDL on the spot, meaning you no longer have a drivers license. She also said if I had been doing one more Mile Per Hour she would have placed me in jail until all the money was paid.

Texas residents have their records cleared if they get no other tickets for nine months. I want to visit my relatives who are in Texas again, but I might just hire a driver! They don’t need my tourism dollars.

Height 14′, Width 8.5′, Length no vehicle can be over 45′ Two trailers can be pulled; max combination length is 65′ axle weight is 20,000 pounds.

Normally RV’s are not wanted in Texas Weigh Stations

Fuel Loves Truck Stop (46 Miles)Van, TX :  Texas Truck Stop list Here

Points of interest

Nothing we recommend, but one can see East Dallas if he wants to get out of the park.


Lake Tawakoni is a very nice park, with lots of potential. The lake and property are second to none in scenery. All the buildings except the laundry are closed for the winter. The pools, hot tub, everything. Thousand Trails (Encore) has made many of the Texas parks sites available to members in the winter, but everything is very limited.

The park will open fully on March 11th, 2011. This is a great park for full timers to stay in as they can spend their time out at Lake Lavon “East Fork Campground” in Wylie Texas. The East Fork Campground is a Corps of Engineers park, $18. a night, $9.00 for seniors and disabled. East Fork is only 53 miles away.

Park Pictures

Nice entry sign

Approaching the ranger station. When parking all the way to the right, watch your step climbing out of the RV, there is a slight bank. I lost my footing and fell in the drainage area. This does not help preserve one’s dignity.

Main road connecting the several loops. This is a very large park, so much so that one will want to drive his car or golf cart pretty much everywhere.

The adult center.

One of two little piers into the lake we found. The lake also has one of the best shore lines of the parks. One can get down to the lake and even wade in. Lake Whitney, Lake Conroe, and Medina lake are not real accessible for wading.

Adult pool

Adult hot tub

One of the camping loops

Another view of the expanse between the loops. There is a 250 Yard driving range here as well. One must collect his own balls though.

Office in the welcome center Picture 1

Office in the welcome center Picture 2

Office in the welcome center Picture 3

View of the lake from the welcome center. The welcome center also has a chapel for Sunday service.

Another camp site

Sample of one of the better surfaced sites

Nice site on the water. These sites are not rare at this park.

More populated area of the park

Permanent site

Adult club house, 1 mile from the family club house, and no children under 18 allowed in this area.

Family center

Family pool



Back of the family center. The soil must be fluid here, all the HVAC units have sunken into the mud and are now slanted


Our campsite, looks to be soft in the rain. Based on the ruts in the space, one might guess the last guy got stuck in the mud. The forecast calls for sun, so we parked. Like the view. 

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