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Medina Lake

(Use TT directions DON’T TRUST GPS, and have lots of fuel reserve) – Directions

215 Spettle Rd. (at PR 37 & 8th St.)
Lake Hills, TX 78063
Ranger Station: (830) 751-2406

General Delivery, Lake hills, TX 78063

Super Walmart about 20 miles

Mobile Data and Voice

Verizon Internet Card Works Here

RV Legal Limits in Texas

One important note about Texas for those that are non-residents. Don’t speed, I know there are public service signs everywhere that say “Don’t Slow Texas Down”, but should I ever enter this state again, I will slow Texas down!  I was traveling down a highway entering a town, they had the speed sign behind a construction sign and a cop behind the speed sign. Something right out of the Dukes of Hazard movie. Unbelievable! I rolled into town doing 9mph over the 35 miles per hour required. The nice little police lady had no pleasantries nor professional courtesies for us that day. I asked her where to pay the ticket and her reply was you figure it out. Since she was in such a Jolly mood I thanked for her time and went back to RV, then googled the county seat and worked my way back from them there. The ticket was $300 plus a $200 court fee, plus sales tax, and recorded as a criminal misdemeanor! Come on, where we are from that is an infraction that only means something to your insurance company for a few years. I was also told by the clerk that if your state requires a special license such as a CDL Texas would pull your CDL on the spot, meaning no license. She also said if I had been doing one more Mile Per Hour she would have placed me in jail until all the money was paid. Texas residents have their records cleared if they get no other tickets for nine months. I want to visit my relatives who are in Texas again, but I might just hire a driver!

Height 14′, Width 8.5′, Length no vehicle can be over 45′ Two trailers can be pulled; max combination length is 65′ axle weight is 20,000 pounds.

Normally RV’s are not wanted in Texas Weigh Stations

Fuel Pilot Truck Plaza (66 Miles) New Braunfels, TX :  Texas Truck Stop list Here

Points of Interest

  • Bandera, Dude ranch capital – Rancho Cortez looks Cool place to play for those who never had a ranch. – (28 Miles)
  • Sea World of Texas -$68.00pp pd, $20.00pd parking – (33 Miles)
  • The Alamo Museum – Cool museum, I remember no fees and it was worth the trip, you may end up paying to park; see the “River Walk” While You’re here. – (43 Miles)

    Go to the Alamo, and see what Phil Collins chose to do.

  • The San Antonio River Walk – After being in the desert what seems a life time, this place is neat little place to hang out for a bit. See the Alamo while you are here. – (43 Miles)


Medina Lake is a very nice park, it would get a 10 out of 10 if the pool was heated, and the marina was replaced. The activity director is very nice, works very hard, and I doubt knows what time off work means. There are deer everywhere, it is hard to get a photo without a deer. Large grocery stores are at least a half an hour away, about the only thing one can buy local is fuel and for some reason, it is priced better than in the neighboring city of San Antonio. The Hwy 37 is windy and steep, about 11 miles long, the RV hated the drive in and kept ejecting drawers and the like as we rounded corners. We did not exceed 30 mph the entire way. We drove 3 other routes in from the main highway, and the route 37 recommended by the park, really is the best. Once settled in the park it is worth the effort, it is in good repair over all, lots of activities, and quiet.

Main road to upper and lower areas – 1 mi long.

Good interior roads

Most camp sites look like this. Few are 50A

Community center

Main area includes top of trail food service, small store

Library behind chapel (Adults – Only)

Children area

Rest room clean and well done

Pickle ball, shuffle board and picnic area

Homemade ping pong table.

Military training device for the young

Solid swing set

Nice pool, but useless as it is unheated

Hot tub, did not try it, no propane. (Cold)

Wash, Dry – washers, 6 dryers

Nice lake, but no beach

Lots of Deer. Droppings numerous as gravel

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