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Verde Valley Thousand Trails

6400 E Thousand Trails Rd, Cottonwood, AZ 86326

Phone: (928) 634-8158

Walmart is 6 miles away in Cottonwood, Arizona

Mail – General Delivery, Cottonwood, AZ 86326

Park Web Site – www.ttverdevalley.com

Mobile Voice and Data

Cell voice data can be had near the pool complex. Some service is scattered here and there in the park, usually 2 bars but whatever you get, comes and goes. Great service up by the highway in the boon-docking areas.

Arizona RV Laws

Arizona government keeps us hopping in just about all realms. The laws are confusing and not knowing them could cost you thousands.

RV fuel is one law that will burn you! They tax vehicles by weight if one is in a car our pickup he can fill at any pump. I one has a gasoline powered class “A” he is ok at any pump. If one has a diesel powered class “A” he is a target. Fill up at the wrong pump and fines will reach in the thousands of dollars, and they don’t write warnings. Seems Arizona wants the larger RV’s out of their state. If the pump has a sticker no vehicles over 26,000 pounds they mean it! The only answer is to find another pump with higher tax to offset the damage the diesel rig does the highway. We have a diesel and the tax, is just that, tax, what irritates us to death the potential for fueling at the wrong pumps, most stations do not have pumps for filling vehicles over 26,000 pounds. To get that fuel, one is pretty much relegated to truck stops. So those of us with larger RV’s cannot fill up in the Cottonwood area. (Ruling)

Pulling two trailers is legal in Arizona but only with a 5th wheel, entire setup can be no longer than 65′ (Size limits)

Max trailer length 40′, Max Motor Home Length 45′, Max Height 13.5′ Max Width on non-interstate roads 8′, 8.5′ on Federal Freeways – (Size limits)

RV’s need not stop in at weigh stations, as in all states the DOT can pull you over if they have reason and due all or part of an inspection. This seldom happens.

List of Arizona truck stops

Closest truck stops to Verde Valley Thousand Trails – To the North Pilot Fuel Flagstaff (73 Miles) / To the South Flying J Phoenix (101 Miles) (Be aware of these distances if your operating a diesel Pusher. Watch your fuel when running the generator. They will fine you over $1000 should you get desperate and fuel at non-semi-truck pump. They really want this tax.) We are thinking Arizona will probably not remain on our list of snowbird states.

Points of Interest

  • Take a Sedona Back Country Jeep tour. About 15 miles from the park you can get a professional chauffeured jeep excursion into places you have only dreamed of going. A Day in the West!  – (32 Miles)
  • Zip lines, Lions, Tigers, all sound good to you? If the answer is yes, then just head a couple miles up the road to Out of Africa Safari Park where you can experience all the excitement without any undue danger. – (6 Miles)
  • Time for dinner or supper head to old town Cottonwood for a rustic setting, gift shops, and eateries. – (8.5 Miles)
  • Quaint little museum depicting Clarkdale history. Clarkdale Historical Society Museum.  Just a couple miles from Cottonwood. – (20 Miles)
  • Love a scenic train ride? This is a train you cannot afford to miss! Verde Canyon Railroad departing from Clarkdale Arizona regularly. – (12 Miles)
  • Love model railroads, slower pace, and less expensive than a real train, here is a place that is none the less enjoyable The Clemenceau Heritage Museum as scale model rail road depicting the area when the copper mines were in full operation. – (8 Miles)
  • Like Wine? Follow the Verde Valley Wine Trail. One of the wineries is practically in the park!
  • How about touring the ruins of ancient Native Americans right in Cottonwood. Tuzigoot National Monument – (11 Miles)
  • Water source for the early Sinagua culture. Fifteen miles away from Verde Valley Thousand Trails you can explore the water works of the Sinagua. This a trip well worth taking everyone in the family got something out of these historical artifacts,  Montezuma Well and Montezuma Castle – (14 Miles)
  • Like water slides? How about a naturally carved water slide? A bit expensive for what it is, but everyone should go once. Slide about 20 miles from the Verde Valley Thousand Trails Park. – (31 Miles)
  • Lastly there are hikes, jeep roads of every skill, hieroglyphs, you name it. Since we are trying to show you the park, we do have to draw the line on attractions somewhere. If we didn’t, there would be no thought and discovery left for you to do, and that my friend leads to boredom. So we will spare you that agony.


This park is really nice. They have a full service landscaping company maintain the park, the park shows no signs of lacking maintenance, the staff is top notch, and there is something here for all ages. The only thing we saw missing in the park was families.

Laundry Note:

The laundry is different from other places; they take troll cards only. No quarters.  Bring lots of $5.00 bills (No other currency will work for Laundry) if you have to waste time doing laundry. The machines use a card that is purchased in the store for $2.00 and money is applied to the card in $5.00 increments.

MAKE RESERVATIONS BEFORE VISITING THIS PARK! It fills to the Brim March through May.

Quick note: There is a blue highway sign that says Verde Valley Thousand Trails, ignore the distance, turn on you blinker and prepare for an immediate right turn. Then drive forever until you see the gate.

Park Pictures

Road inside park leads to camping areas built into the hillside. This area has four sections:

1. Extended stay located at the top of the hill to the right of the ranger station.

2. Top loop by the family center, store, laundry, and food service.

3. Mid-section located by the Pool, Hot tub, and pool lodge

4. Lower section located closer to the river.

Dump station easy in easy out

Interior camping loop

Perimeter sites have more space, but have no sewer connections

Another perimeter site

Pull through sites very tight to the rv next door on driver’s side. They share power water and sewer.


Cabin rentals

Looking down on the family center loop while on a walk in the hills. Many nice trails here.

Territorial view of the surrounding area

RV Storage area

Cool retro tear drop. Had to share it

They get lots of water during the monsoon season


Benches for old farts like me to sit on and take in the scenery, and or catch our breath. This park is huge.

Walking paths

Got Volley ball net, they might even have a ball if you’re lucky

Picnic area

Pool Lodge (Internet here)

Relax, play, stay way (Only if you’re a confirmed introvert)

Family Lodge Note: (Adult lodge is on the hill in loop “m”, not much there except management)

Laundry room (Remember, it does not take coins, you must get your card in the family lodge. Need $5.00 to start up the card.)

Map of the area

For more information, such as packages, general delivery, park stats see Trail Blazer Magazine

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