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Chehalis Thousand Trails

(7 Miles east of I-5)

228 Centralia/Alpha RD

Chehalis, WA 98532


Super Walmart 1601 Northwest Louisiana Avenue, Chehalis, WA 98532

Mobile Data and Voice

Some spaces in the upper section are good, but before you get to the top. Loop “C” has some sites with very strong Verizon. Generally you need to be on the hill facing the ranger station. Using a booster will open up more camping possibilities within the park.

RV Legal Information for Washington

Tailgater law – If there are five or more vehicles behind you, you must find a way to let them pass before they kill themselves. – They enforce this law in Washington.

Home School – Staying in Washington long enough be under Washington laws require the home schooling parent to be a certified teacher, supervised by a teacher. Use care in this state, many families avoid Washington during the school year, and choose to settle in other states. Read this document carefully if you plan to be in Washington more than thirty days between August 15th and June 15th. Get your home school information now.

Gun laws at this time allow open carry without a permit if the gun is on your person. Hand guns are illegal in your vehicle even if you have CPL! Be careful and check the laws before you come, the west coast gun laws are constantly being adjusted. One source of information is the Washington State Attorney General office – Don’t land yourself in jail because you were afraid to ask a stupid question.

Pulling two trailers at a time is illegal

RV Height is 14′, Max Width 8-1/2′ , Length 46′ Max truck trailer or RV /car combination is 60′

Weigh stations are not known to require RV’s to stop. If requested by DOT however you do have to comply.

RV weight is 500 pounds per square inch on any on tire touching the road. W = 500((LN/N-1)+12N+36). W  To do this, you have to drive on a paper, mark the tire dimensions, then plug those into the previous equation. We are going to have to find us a tenth grader, or just give up and hope we are legal if we are following our load stickers. See Washington States law written by their math geniuses.

Must Obey Truck speed limits

Must have Reflective sign as required by DOT

Sleeping is rest areas allowed for 8 hours

All RV’s over 10,000 pound must have tire chains on board November 1 – March 31 -> All vehicles over 10,000 pounds gross vehicle weight shall carry a minimum of two (2) extra chains for use in the event that road conditions require the use of more chains or in the event that chains in use are broken or otherwise made useless.

RV’s must use the far-right lane on roads or freeways with more than one lane in the traveling in the same direction.

No CDL is required for Washington residents driving a personal RV.

CDL will be revoked for speeds 15 mph or greater over posted speed in personal vehicle or commercial vehicle. (It is a federal law) – Law makers need more vacation time.

More information can be found here

Washington is trying to be as fastidious as California. For More Information see the Woodall’s guide.

Fuel – Loves Travel Stop Napavine, wa – (20 Miles) – More truck stops

Points of Interest


The park is built on a hillside seven miles east of I-5, you make several turns to get to it. The area is very quiet and there are very few loud cars driving by. The main spinal road is paved, but steep. The park has very few sites with sewer, we do however manage one about 75% of the time. You will have to find cell service by driving around the park, and with a Wilson Weboost home booster we can get acceptable service. This is the unit we use and are over all happy with. We mount the outdoor antenna to the TV antenna on our coach, that way we can raise it lower it, and point it where we want it without going on the roof. Others by omni directional antennas, less range but easier to deal with. Just mount it and forget it.

The park has a wonderful family pool with a family lodge, store, Café, arcade, and laundry facilities in the same location. They remembered families when they built this area of the park. If you tired of the issues presented by young people, and families, this park remembered you too. Just to the left as you are leaving the park, there is a well-appointed lodge for you too. this lodge has coffee, pool tables, TV for sporting events and the like, and a great view of the pool area where you can look after your sun bathing spouse, or whatever they are called these days. This lower section has the feel of a traditional resort. As for parking the rig, bring extra block, getting level can be more difficult than at other parks. This a hillside park, and at times you really seem to be on a hillside. Park Literature.

Park Pictures

The first of the Thousand Trails Parks

Main road in the Chehalis park is paved and in good shape the campsite loops are gravel.

The RV sites are spacious in the upper section of the park on the ridge have good Verizon and ATT&T access. RV’s over 40′ would do well to use this area as well since the corners are gentle, and most of the spaces are easy. Once the final bend is rounded at the top, watch the spaces on the right, many have sewer! (Please don’t use the sewer sites if you don’t need them, they are in short supply. Remember the restrooms are a long way away for some campers.)

Little bit of a July 4th thing going on.

Thousand Trails Parade participants go in style

Children’s play area

Bathroom’s exist in various place around the park. Most have flush toilets, showers, sinks and soap. (Sharing a restroom as roughing it as I get)

Kids play area by upper lodge

Nice Basketball court

Family lodge, has swimming pool, Large store, cafe, arcade, kid play room. Our kid kept this place flush with cash.

Main lodge hall is huge, fire place movie screen and more…

Arcade and game room. This place is hopping when the park is busy.

Kids play area they do arts and crafts. The teen girls hide out here for some reason.

This box looks like trouble

This field looks like a great place for trouble

Definitely! They have the largest slip and slide I ever saw. This is the place to be if you feel the need for speed. The camp area roads, are not, you can only go 5mph on those.

Adult lodge pool and hot tub. Seldom is there a crowd.


ice cozy lodge

Huge dog park

Large Tent Area

They must have a thousand trail in this park. They take their name seriously

Great food in August, it’s organic too!

While walking around the park, I found this place that people use to get married.  Don’t show up in those dresses with them tails, they will be bob tails before you get a quarter way up the trail. The dress and tails, will most probably be whittled down to a ceremonious mini-skirt, which you should’a started out with anyway.

If you’re not married and arrived at this campground planning to share a tent, or RV, your late with that matrimony thing! This place is your solution to salvation, it should hold 15 witnesses, the one who reads your vows, and a squirrel. Should be easy to find all the above around here. This truly would make a beautiful spot to end a truly elegant courtship, and set the flavor for your marriage in a truly rustic manor.

Eventually your rig is full of it, and has had all it can take. Fortunately, the park has two sets of dump stations where your rig can get a load off, and take you home in comfort.

If you’re not from here, and you don’t go to see Mt. St. Helens, you need to ask your psych Dr. to change your medications cause they’re not working! Get up there to the Windy Ridge visitors center.

We can’t see what’s not to love about the park.

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