The Sewer Solution

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First off, let me say that this is a wonderful, innovative product that will change the way RV’ers dump waste from the black tank! This product not only dumps the waste, but makes clean up and storage a dream.

SewerSolutions is powered by water from any garden hose and uses a much smaller 3/4″ hose to transport the waste from your RV to the parks sewer system. The pump uses a water jet to shred the waste and then pumps it through the transport hose and away from your RV. Smell is greatly reduced due to flooding the waste with water at the same time the waste is being pushed away from the RV. The water jet can then be turned and used to flush water up and into the RV black holding tank. This helps to clear out any leftover paper or waste that may remain in the tank. Once this process is done, you can either remove the system from your RV or you can connect a plug that is supplied to continue using as at full hookup sites leaving your gray tanks open.

Cleaning is simple since the water just forces all the waste out of the pump and hose creating an automatic cleaning system. The hose is small, so it is very easy to coil up and store away tightly. We all know how RV storage can be limited. This leaves such a small footprint compared to the standard 3” hose, that alone this makes the product worth a look.

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